Monday, October 29, 2007


Wien und die guten Brötchen

Since Shelley sent me a wonderful photo document of our little stop at " Trzesniewski" I wanted to elaborate on this little joint some more.
You will very rarely find tourists there, but instead an array of Viennese people from all levels of society. There will be a line all day long.
One thing good to know, if you take the spread home (you can get a container of your favorite flavour) you will more than likely be disappointed; it only tastes good when you are there.

The famous "Pfiff", which means whistle in English, is such a small amount of beer, that it really goes down like a whistle, perfect during lunch.

"no, not a pfiff, do you have nut-juice?"

Only the insiders know how to properly pronounce it . . .

Trzesniewski - the unpronounceable fantastic little sandwiches

Tex Rubinowitz is a great cartoonist, unfortunately I could not find more of his striking contributions. But this is just my humor, who knows . . .

and this is us, right there

One day, when I still lived in Vienna, a young American couple aproached me and asked where they could find the closest McDonald's, I instead recommended the "unaussprechtich guten Broetchen". They looked inside with a distrustful look on their faces and turned around and headed for the "Big Mac"

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